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John's Story

John's Story

10th Jan 2019
As our appearance is something that we are either complimented or judged on more and more these days my hairline was something that I have always worried about, over the years I've tried numerous ways at hiding my hair and used many products that claim to restore your hair and everything failed. I have always been conscious of my hair line to the point it has impacted things that I've done in my day to day life, jobs that I had applied for and even general nights out with friends. A few weeks ago my friend referred me to Harley Jo Hair for a consultation and within one week of my original appointment I was back and having my system fitted, it took roughly 2 hours and was styled to exactly what I was looking for, I couldn't believe the answer to what I was looking for was so close to me but I knew nothing about it.. A few days after my treatment I was a member of the wedding party for my sisters big day and system gave me the confidence and happiness to stand in front of our family and friends during the ceremony without worrying for once about my hair and for once I actually enjoyed having my pictures taken all day. When I arrived at the salon I was promptly met with very professional staff, the salon is very cosy and private and having my treatment carried out in such a relaxed environment made me forget that I was ever nervous before I arrived. After having my system fitted I was shocked at how natural it looks and the hairline is perfect, the hair itself can be treated as normal with styling products and there aren't really any restrictions like swimming etc so I can't wait for my next holiday either! I can't thanks the staff at HJO highly enough for what they have done for me, the system has literally changed my life and the only regret that I have is that I didn't do this sooner, for anyone thinking it what they should do.. Go for it :) x

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