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Martin's Story

Martin's Story

10th Jan 2019
After years of suffering from hair loss and trying to find a solution to the problem with not much success I discovered Total Cover Plus Hair Systems. At first I was sceptical about it due to what people would think and I was worried about how long it would last and if it would come off. I decided to go for it and within a week I was getting the system fitted, I'll be honest I was nervous about the process but once I saw the result I had a smile on my face. I couldn't even tell where my actual hair started due to how well the system blended in. Since I got my system fitted my whole life has turned around and my confidence is through the roof. I am more outgoing and involved with my friends more. People on the street treat me so differently now. Safe to say I am now happier than I've been in years. I owe all my thanks to Shirley and her staff for the great friendly environment, making you feel comfortable in a nervous situation.

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