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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

10th Jan 2019
A master piece of rich luxurious hair care. 

 Our certified specialists, masters of coloration, luminosity, volume and length pay meticulous attention to design, precision and perfection. We honour our illustrious and rich hereditary. 

Spotlight on Quality, all SJ specialist hair is 100% Human and 100% ethical and humane. Hair is scrupulously and meticulously sourced to present you the best hair in the world.  
Express your uniqueness and custom design your style. Aspire to enhance your natural beauty. SJ specialists have pioneered deluxe hair extensions quality and application techniques for over 25 years. Specialists masters of colour, design and bespoke over 50 base shades and 30 mixed shades.   SJ encompasses the most premium opulent quality and trusty application techniques scientifically proven to not cause damage. 

Whether you are awaiting full voluminous hair to give you the luscious locks and depth you are dreaming of or seeking luxuriously long locks our small but complete line of rich hair extensions range from 20 cm to 80 cm to give you deluxe rich human hair extensions.  Enhancing your natural beauty and turning heads with your deluxe empress hair or adding volume to your own luxuriant locks. 


SJ stylists upon consultation will examine your natural hair. Our stylists will use their expertise to decide upon the best hair extension application for your hairs health. Our stylists will use their expertise to decide upon the best hair extension application method for your hairs health and condition. Our stylists will use their artistry to chose the perfect crowning colour of hair extensions to softly blend your own natural hair seamlessly with your hair extensions. Our stylists will use their mastery to chose the perfect length for you. Our extensions range in length from 20 cm to 80 cm. We will ensure we design the look you admire. We bespoke all our hair extensions using advance expertise to each individual. 

SJ are hair loss specialists administrating hair loss treatments. Hair extensions are advisable to hep with thinning hair although one of our hair loss specialists will examine your hairs health and determine whether hair extensions are befitting for your hair. Were hair extensions are inadequate and unable to be used one of our hair loss  specialists will sit down during the consultation and consult with you your treatment options and preference whether this being a hair piece, a full hair unit or a hair loss integrated system.  

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