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John's Story

John's Story

10th Jan 2019
My name is John and here is my story...I first began to notice that my hair was thinning slightly and receeding around the age of 21, being an image conscious young guy people would make jokes and tease me about how it looked and how I had my fathers genetics (my dad has very little hair). At the beginning I just laughed it off but as the hairloss progressed my self esteem and confidence plummeted, I had always been an outgoing bubbly individual but my lack of hair made me feel self conscious and paranoid, and I was now making jokes about my hair loss before anyone else did. Over the years I tried various creams and shampoos to no avail and even considered buying medication online as I had been turned away from my GP for prescription drugs as they deemed by obsession with hairloss to be ''cosmetic & vain'' . The reality of my hairloss was taking over my life, I was socialising less and less and refused to have any pictures taken on nights out or family events as my scalp was visible in every photo. A fter I turned 25 in September 2013 I began to look into more invasive procedures ie Hair transplants etc but was left feeling deflated after reading such negative reviews on how people had spent thousands of pounds on tranplants with such poor results. It was then I came across Shirley johns of Hjo Restoration whilst doing an internet search offering a solution to hair loss with instant results and no painful surgery or prescription drugs with side effects, already knowing Shirley personally I decided to contact her for more information and it was then she refered me to Totalcoverplus and their various youtube videos. Within minutes of watching the videos I knew I needed to have this hair system in my life and booked a consultaion with Shirley in December 2013. At the consultation I was extremely nervous as I was unsure if I was a suitable candidate for the procedure or how I would feel with Shirley examining my balding scalp. Within minutes of entering the salon I felt completely at ease, the atmosphere is so relaxed and everybody is so welcoming and friendly, they see several people each day with the same condition yet you are made to feel like an individual. Suffering from hair loss herself Shirley is very understanding and knows exactly how you feel without being patronising. I was advised what would be entailed in the process and a skin test was done where Shirley attached a small part of the system to my forearm to show how the system would appear on skin contact, I was blown away and booked in to have my system fitted .On January of this year I had my first system fitted and was extremely nervous, this was partly due to the fact that part of my head had to be shaved to allow the system to bond to the skin but again Shirley reassured me that it would all be worth it in the end. When the system was first applied my new head of hair resembled a judges wig (haha) and I began to panic but within minutes Shirley was working her magic and transforming my new head of hair into a tailored hairstyle that we had agreed on. Shirley checked throughout that I was happy with the length of the hair and style she was creating. It was then time for the final reveal of my ''Boyband quiff' and I was absolutely speechless. Long gone was my balding head and instead a perfect full head of hair. The system itself is very comfortable to wear and it feels like your own hair. The confidence the system has given me is un-believable I am back to my old bubbly self and walk with my head held high, I finally feel ''normal'' and comfortable in my own skin, all of my friends and family know that I wear a system as I don't feel it is something I should hide, Girls wear extensions false nails lashes and tan so why cant us guys have a little help ? .The system is virtually undetectable and a passing stranger would never know I am a system wearer , The aftercare provided by Shirley and her team is second to none and she is always at the other end of the phone for any questions or queries you have. I personally cannot thank Shirley enough for what she has done for me..To everyone else she has given me a head of hair.. but to me she has given me my life back. The work she does is outstanding and she really is changing lives <3 ..Thanks again Shirley I cant wait for my next system and ever changing hairstyles I left your salon with a new head of hair bags of confidence and a friend for life xxx

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