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SJ Hair Loss Specialists understand the emotional turmoil hair loss can cause for an individual. Shirley and the team have all grown up in the hair industry and are trained in hair loss.

Our Approach

At SJ Hair Loss it is not just about our hair loss treatments – it's about providing a sympathetic environment that puts our clients at ease and gives them the confidence to see their hair as something to be enjoyed rather than as a source of worry. We don’t only provide the practical hair loss we also provide psychological comfort from our team. We are always available for a talk whether you are struggling with overwhelming feelings or whether you just need someone to discuss your hair loss with.

hair loss glasgow

Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be a devastating blow to anyone’s confidence. Hair Loss can cause a lot of anxiety and have a huge impact on someone’s mental health and their confidence within themselves. At SJ we aspire to make every individual feel beautiful and confident in their own skin and own natural beauty as well as create the look they want to achieve.

Our Promise To You

Transforming people’s lives daily is what gives us passion for our job. We feel complete knowing we have given someone their confidence back and made them feel beautiful within their skin. We will advise you about a wide range of our treatments that are available to you; we will offer information about the options not available at SJ Hair Loss - because we care about and ensuring you are receiving the best treatment for you. We Hope to welcome you to our private clinic.

hair loss glasgow


Our Clinic is located in Glasgow. SJ hair loss has a positive inspiring clinic. We aspire to make every individual feel beautiful within their body. Attending a hair loss clinic can be daunting so we create an amiable welcoming environment where you can feel at ease. Hair Loss can have a huge impact on your mental health; it can leave you feeling anxious and affect your confidence. Some woman experiencing hair loss may find it distressing and upsetting to visit hairdressers. Some men may find it troubling to attend a barber. At SJ we create a totally different relaxing environment so our clients feel safe and secure and they can be their most confident beautiful self’s as well as respecting each individual and their privacy.

hair loss glasgow

Founder & Leading Hair Loss Specialist

Shirley opened up her first salon 17 years ago after working in a range of salons and barbers since 1987. She successfully ran Harley Jo Hair and earned her 5 star salon with the salon guide for 11 years. Growing up she was impacted by the mental effects of her hair condition. Shirley’s own battle inspired her to change other people’s lives, she experienced first-hand how much your hair can affect your mental health and your own confidence. She trained nationwide to become Scotland first non-surgical hair replacement specialist and open up her hair loss clinic. She is one of the leading hair loss specialists and her job allows her to transform people’s lives daily and help them love themselves and have confidence within their own skin again.

Shirley now runs her own clinic SJ Hair Loss and has been transforming lives since.

hair loss glasgow

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