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Revolutionary Hair Loss Solutions For All

Hair loss can affect anyone and at any time of their lives.

Whether you are male or female, young or old, or have partial or full hair loss - losing your hair can be a devastating blow to your confidence.

But the good news is that there has been a revolution in hair restoration and replacement.

And that means there is now a whole range of different solutions to tackle every hair loss problem.

Regaining a full, healthy head of hair needn’t cost you the earth. There is a hair restoration technique for every budget.

Full hair loss due to medical reasons like alopecia or cancer treatment, or female or male pattern baldness can be addressed in a number of ways.

HJO hair restoration can also address thinning hair due to damage caused by hair extensions or colouring, hair pulling or bald patches.

This means you can now get on with your life without feeling self-conscious about your hair.

HJO is at the forefront of the hair restoration industry, and has a hair loss solution for everyone.

At HJO there is a huge choice of our own bespoke hair extensions and hair pieces, wigs, bio skin hair systems and integrated hair systems.

We can also prescribe hair regrowth medication and we work with a top Harley Street surgeon for those seeking hair transplants and with the renowned Deansgate Clinic in Manchester.

Our clinic is sited discreetly just outside Glasgow, and has private parking facilities right outside.

HJO Hair Restoration Clinic was set up by Shirley Johns who has 25 years of experience working in the industry.

She has trained with some of the top wig-makers and hair restorers in Europe and runs her own training school, the Hollywood Hair Academy.

Shirley said: "I myself have suffered from hair loss for many years which is why I am so passionate about all the amazing new solutions now available for people.

"It is not a question of one size fits all. The best method of hair restoration varies from person to person, depending on their hair condition, their age, their lifestyle etc."

"I want to make sure that all my treatments are available for anyone who needs them. There is something to suit everyone, and at a price most people can afford.

"No-one need ever feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their hair loss again."

Shirley is often asked to appear in the media to discuss hair loss treatments, and is Scotland’s top hair restoration professional.

All the human hair used in Shirley’s wigs, hairpieces and bespoke hair extensions are personally sourced from Europe.

She has also devised her own bio skin hair system. This revolutionary hair system lasts up to three months and wearers can sleep in them, style them and swim in them – in fact they look and feel just like real hair.

She and her team are based just outside Glasgow. The discreet clinic also has private parking right outside.

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